What is spanm and what is spanm not?

spanm is about spanking female but it is not about me or my personal life.
Itīs just a place to relax - to watch - to take action, but in a virtual manner.

spanm sofy?

spanm is about "softspanking". There is no
representation of explicit violence or pornografity.

spanm interactive

I want spanm to be a place that is changed and formed by the visitors to bring in their ideas.
It should be a lively place and i allways try to make the projects with vast interacitvity.
There are good reasons for me to be very gratefull for the help i got from the visitors.


Thanks to Angie for being the great writer of naughty stepdaughter.

Thanks to Miranda for the wonderfull story in the 2nd act and the developing of all characters in theater.